Let's Boogie!


Wedding Date

April 29th 2023


Manhattan Penthouse
80 Fifth Avenue, E 14th St
New York, NY 10011

Ceremony & Reception

5:30 pm - 11:00 pm

New York

"Lets go Mets!" - Ed Koch, 1986 (probably)

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Our Story

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The Wedding Party

"Gang's all here!"


Benjamin Tannenwald

The Officiant

Sean and Ben were officemates his first year in grad school back in 2011. They both went on to become high energy physicists working at CERN in Switzerland together. Ben moved to NYC and became a close friend of Sara and Sean watching over June whenever they went out of town. He’s been around the two of them for a long time and knows their relationship better than anyone else. The perfect man for the job of officiant!


Amy Yoder

The Maid of Honor

Amy is Sara’s older sister and best friend. She has always been Sara’s biggest supporter and has always been encouraging with the many random hobbies she picks up. Even though they live far apart now, they make up for it by sending pictures of their pets to each other every day and trying to visit as much as possible.


Matthew Warren

The Best Boy

Matt was the first friend Sean met in grad school where they bonded over music and sports. After Sean moved back to Ohio from Switzerland they became roommates drinking black coffee and LaCroix’s every morning. Matt moved to NYC in 2021 and now they go to Mets games and Coney island every summer.


Jackie Fisher


Jackie is one of Sara’s oldest friends from way back in elementary school. They grew up doing girl scouts, choir, and sports together in middle school, and in high school Jackie was the cool, outgoing friend who made sure Sara wasn’t too shy. They now will catch up every few months when Sara visits Ohio or with an hours long video chat spent mostly laughing.

Joel Weiss


Joel is one of Sean’s oldest friends. They met in latin class in highschool way back in 2003. Joel gave Sean a physics book in high school and they both went on to University of Florida to study physics together. They still keep in touch playing games over the internet a full 20 years later!


Carly McMakin


Sara and Carly met when they studied abroad together in Italy for the summer in 2012. They instantly bonded, getting lost around Italy drinking lots of wine and eating lots of gelato. When they got back to Ohio University, they spent Carly’s senior year basically living together. Now they live close enough to visit each other fairly often and create new hilarious memories together.

Joe Beckwith


Sean met Joe in Switzerland while Joe was in grad school at the University of Geneva. They became fast friends nerding out about comedy and even started an english speaking improv team. Joe moved to the US in 2020 (bad timing!) and lived just a quick train away in Princeton NJ. Through the past 3 years he’s been a frequent visitor to the city where they go to comedy shows and try new restaurants.


Alexia Etter


Alexia and Sara became friends at Ohio University when Sara started hanging out with Alexia’s roommate Carly. Alexia and Sara instantly clicked having pizza and beer on the patio at Courtside and then spent almost every weekend the rest of her senior year hanging out. Now years out of college they still talk almost every day sharing stories, funny pictures, and life advice.

Andrew Carnes


Another physicist! Sean met Andrew in college studying physics and later reconnected in Switzerland while they both worked at CERN. Together they went backpacking through Europe riding trains through many countries where they learned what historic palaces you can and can not play pokemon go.


Savanna Wynn


Sara met Savanna when she moved to Columbus after college and got a job at the gym Savanna was a trainer at. After many shifts worked together they became close friends. Their time in Columbus was spent working out, getting coffee, and going to dance parties. Savanna also took the dreaded overnight bus to NYC with Sara like a champ. They make sure to see each other whenever Sara is back in Ohio and make up for missed coffee dates.

Curtis Greene


Sean met Curtis in an improv class in 2018 and where they started a practice group that evolved into one of NYCs best indie improv teams. After Curtis moved away in 2020 they still met every week to chat and do improv over Zoom. They meet up for a drink and a chat every now and again whenever he returns to town.


• What is the dress code?

Please wear formal attire. For men, a suit with a tie. For women, a floor length gown, a knee length or midi cocktail dress, or a pantsuit.

• Are children allowed at the wedding?

We ask that there are no children under 13 at the ceremony. If you would like to bring your children afterwards, the reception begins at 7:00pm. Please send us an email so we can make sure they have a seat and meal!

• Which airport should we fly into?

Please check the Travel tab in the NewYork section for all information on which airports are close to NYC and how to get into Manhattan from them.

• What’s with all the cat stuff?

Why? Do you got a problem with it?

• Do you have a hotel block? Where should we stay?

We have 2 hotel blocks! One is at the Hilton Garden Inn Chelsea and one is at the Renaissance New York Chelsea. Links to the blocks and other location suggestions are under in the Accommodation tab in the NewYork section.

• Is there anything going on the week before?

There is nothing formally planned but we will be out and about Thursday. Please contact us for details if you are in town!

• Is there a registry?

We do not have a registry. After living together for 5 years we have all we need for our little Manhattan apartment :) If you would still like to gift us something you can send us money for our honeymoon! You can Venmo or Zelle us by clicking here. We will also have a box at the wedding if you would like to bring cards!

• When should we RSVP by?

Please RSVP by April 1st. No April fools jokes ;)

• What if I have other questions that haven’t been answered here?

Please feel free to reach out with other questions at or

The End!